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Let's keep this SIMPLE!  No need to decide if you are needing a Swedish or Deep Tissue session. Just choose the length of time you are needing and the level you would like!  

** The Levels listed below are not guaranteed!  As of July 2023, we have one Level 1 Massage Therapist, two Level 2 MTs, one Level 3 MT, and one Master Level MT available for online booking​.**

Integrated Massage Therapy Session

Level 1

An integrated approach to massage incorporates multiple styles or techniques to treat a range of issues.  Consultation prior to beginning the session will determine the goals for the session.  Level 1 sessions include hot towels and aromatherapy.  

30 minutes - $45

60 minutes - $85

90 minutes - $125

120 minutes - $155


Expanding on the first, Level 2 will also include heated Synergy Stones.  These amazing tools heat up the tissue, helping the muscles melt and relax!  A Level 2 Therapist is also likely to have more experience.  


30 minutes - $50

60 minutes - $95

90 minutes - $140

120 minutes - $185

Integrated Massage Therapy Session

Level 2


Integrated Massage Therapy Session

Level 3


Continuing to level up, Level 3 sessions will be provided by our most experienced Massage Therapists.  This session includes

hot towels, hot Synergy Stones and aromatherapy.


30 minutes - $55

60 minutes - $105

90 minutes - $155

120 minutes - $205

Integrated Massage Therapy Session

Master Level

These sessions are with the Owner of Essential Escape Massage!  With over 2 decades of experience, and tons of regular clients on her schedule - you won't always find these appointments available...

Scoop it UP, if you find one!  Your Self Care session will include hot towels, essential oils & heated Synergy Stones :)

30 minutes - $60

60 minutes - $115

90 minutes - $170

120 minutes - $225

Session Upgrades

  • Lifted HEMP Pain Salve       Add extra pain relief to your session & get a wonderful scent too!  ($10) 

  • Foot Rescue Treatment        Let the combination of Himalayan sea salt, essential oils, and deep moisture cream treat your feet today ($15)

  • Cupping Therapy                 (Lea & Mikala only)              This ancient approach is sure to bring some fresh circulation to your muscles and help with your pain ($15)


What do our levels mean?

Level 1

Our Level 1 Massage Therapist has been practicing for over one year! Currently, our Level 1 MT works exclusively with females. Our Level 1 Massage Therapist has several certifications that allows her to effectively meet the needs of all of her clients!

Level 2

We have two Level 2 Massage Therapist who have been practicing for 3-10 years. Each one of our Level 2 Massage Therapists have unique certifications and skills that allow them to help their clients excel on their wellness journeys!

Level 3

Practicing for over 15 years (20!) our Level 3 Massage Therapist has an array of skills that are seen in every session! She is certified in multiple areas of skills in Massage Therapy. 

Master Level

Owner and Massage Therapist, Lea Jimenez, serves as our Master Level Massage Therapist, bringing 23 years of experience! She is certified in many areas of body wellness!

Anonymous, 2024

"Mikala was a lifesaver! She is so good at what she does. She was so comfortable to be around and has great skill with being certified for Lymphatic drainage. So very proud of this woman!"

Prenatal & Postnatal Massage Therapy

All five of our Massage Therapists are certified in Prenatal & Postnatal Massage, but it is a passion for our Level 1 Massage Therapist, Christina!

Benefits of Prenatal Massage

  • Relief for back and leg pain

  • Reduces labor pains

  • Shortens postoperative pain

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Eases insomnia

  • Improves mood

  • Lifts tension


"We strive to create a nurturing space where moms and caregivers can feel cherished, supported, and encouraged to prioritize their well-being!"

Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy Massage
Prenatal Massage
Prenatal Massage
Mom to be

Cupping Therapy

Three of our Massage Therapists are certified Cupping Practitioners.

Cupping creates a suction that draws fluid into the treated area. The forces of the suction breaks open the tiny blood vessels under your skin. This can replenish the area, providing a healthier blood flow and simulating proper healing at a cellular level.

Cupping can help relieve pain caused by: Arthritis, Body Aches, Asthma, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Headaches and Migraines, High Blood Pressure, AND MORE!

back pain
Cupping Therapy
Massage Therapy
leg pain
Pain management
Golfer elbow
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